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  • Phone9500894619
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  • AddressLivedr Admissions, Vijay nursing home, 17 Vetri vinayagar koil street, Pankajam colony, Madurai 625009 , TN
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Ever since the pandemic started our educational consultancy faced many challenges. we had many issues just like any SME’s.

In 2020 Jan No one believed Covid actually existed as a serious threat , Our students came to India for vacation and they thought it will be over soon and they will start the sem in March 2020.

As days passed the news from US told the world this is no joke and slowly the other countries followed to take appropriate steps.

That’s when we had our first issue ,guess what ? yeah Students had to attend classes online and graduate with a sem of online classes.

Now the medicals council in TN said oh boy we wont accept the online classes and you have to go back and re do the course and get back.

Was it possible on student side ? Hell No

WHY ? China first had covid issues, they did lockdown their cities which was widely followed in other countries. But who will like to go back to a place where it all started >? pls tag them in this post 🙂 😀

Then the students had to fight and get the justice in their favour.Eventually they had to fight for more than 15 months (June 2020 – Sep 2021) to starts the process which lasts another 12 months and now the added 2 months.

Wait the verification also got delayed by 3 months so they had to wait 15 + 3 + 12 + 2 Months 🙁

who will you put the blame on ? comment pls as reply


Mean time the Second one was to safe land all our students back in India, luckily this wasn’t an issue for us as we had many flights from China to India Till the start of 2nd wave. The last batch came in Feb 2021.Knowing it wont be long to get back.This is not the actual issue , the point is they wanted to go back for the March 2021 Semester as they had all waited for an year already. we get a lot of calls about the students return. but again what can we say ? You all know what happened in the 2nd wave yeah !

Now lets come to the topic, we were a bit reluctant to continue with China due to Covid and issues like Galwan 2021.

We choose Philippines then and thats a whole different story 🙂 It’s a good country but the problem lies with the fraudulent agents.

It was all good until the course duration was made compulsory all of a sudden by NMC to be more than 54 Months, where as MD in Philippines is 3+1 year of Internship.Later NMC gave exception for students who took admission before 2021 Jan in Philippines.


Now we can’t say Philippines will be a safe destination until this issue is solved.

While these were all happening we got calls from parents of students in China that Russian medicos are able to get visa and attend live classes. We made a big blunder in not choosing Russia. 🙁 what can we say ? we never knew covid will shock us all , we never knew …………….. that’s life eh ….

That time a parent called me and I explained all these in between the Eligibility certificates issues we had with NMC Delhi. Ask any student who had to travel to Delhi to get this by himself. Mostly it wont be an issue for some if they are un lucky then it will cost them 6 months to apply for the FMG exam. We l try to explain all these in a vlog sonner 🙂 see you soon there too.

Well coming back to the parent, who said we choose China and we regret now ! what can we answer ? I totally agree in spite of paying full fee for online education and the medical council wont accept the course done online and the country wont grant you visa or give any update about the return! its hell every day as every day students and parents must face the society which only mocks the FMGs who swim through all the difficulties. So i agree the parent also had to undergo the agony with the student. I promised them online classes will be accepted by NMC bcos the students around the whole world almost graduated with online education and exams only. This is the flaw in our system we can fight and get justice in India.

They were not satisfied ! I said See what matters now is more than anything life is precious. Be happy your kid is with you not struck in any country in the pandemic. When things settle we l get back or your kid can learn it all in his internship. Nmc will add an year to their internship to increase clinical exposure and court will give justice in their favour.

I told them things will get better.

still they were like in RUSSIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA classes started

Now we see whats happening in RUSSIA vs UKRAINE issue……… here is the advisory again

My point is parents and students must try to understand life is more important that education.

Next there must be a good relationship with consultants and parents because just like the covid virus strains issues with FMGs also pop up every now and then. And a good consultant must be able to act like a vaccine to prevent the kids get infected.

So if you ask me the best country for MBBS now ? Our safe bet is Central Asia ( Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Uzbek ). Caribbean colleges are expensive.Will get you the fees in the region and other infos in the subsequent posts.

It’s not easy to discuss all the issues faced by FMGs in a single post ,a whole day wont be enough for me to type.

But throughout INDIA Fmgs took wonderful care of covid patients at the much needed hour and brought laurel to their friends and family. readers must have heard a story at least.

Finally yeah 🙂 the point is life is hard but not impossible. As the saying goes there are many ways to climb a mountain students must be united and fight for justice 🙂

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